Get paid in pure gold by adding a PayGoldNow button to your website checkout, or by sending a fixed amount PayGoldNow button to the tenant or debtor.

We Believe that gold lasts forever!

Gold is one of the oldest forms of honest payment. Most currency started in silver or gold coins. Pre 1965 US quarters, dimes, half and full metal dollars are about 90% silver.


Gold is a truly reliable form of payment for all debts. We grew tired of the pay now button that would transfer digits on a screen and realized that real money is physical metal in hand, and not from some “bank broker” that does not even hold proper liquidity in US dollars to cash a check drawn on their own bank checks!

So we created Pay Gold Now to convert any payment into gold shipped to the payees home or vault for later use.

Gold generally increases in value over time whereas paper dollars decrease in buying power due to inflation with tax and spend government that borrows trillions at a time to spend on pet projects that usually are a dis-service to the consumer, and almost always increases inflation.


Gold coins and medallions or rounds are the most popular form of gold stock. Since gold coins are legal tender and have a set weight per coin they may be used for mid sized fixed rate payments that fit with a specific gold coin or coins value. Gold medallion rounds are non government gold and often contain the mint’s name that created them. 

There are millions of gold coin varieties minted worldwide and are legal tender in their country of origin, and they are fun to collect. Adults and children alike can learn from a coins rich history. Old silver and gold coins or rings can often be found on rural beaches with a high quality metal detector. Sometimes it’s not the gold ring but the gem attached that brings the extreme value!



Gold nuggets are a form of gold pellet that is commonly used to melt down and be formed into jewelry or be used in electronics. Placer gold is often mined by hands and pans in rich river and stream beds and is also found with extensive machinery such as a dredge and a gold sluice that separates gold from earth. That earth is often called pay dirt.

Gold dust or grain is a smaller form of gold that must be carefully stored usually in small glass vials and is also found through mining or panning pay dirt.

Patented Gold mines are often tunnels or pits on fully owned land where the lucky owner and skillful miner may find a vein of gold often embedded in or near quartz. Also gold claims may be owned separately from the land surface where the mineral rights are owned via the gold claim under someone else’s surface land and in placer waterways.

Small gold nuggets are often naturally rounded and about the size of a bb. Gold nuggets and grain can be separated into vials that have specific weight equal in value to any amount.



Gold bars are for very large amounts usually in the thousands or tens of thousands in value.

Many gold bullion bars can be melted down and reformed into jewelry or pressed into coin but are best left as they are for easy stacking and storage for a long term holding.


Freshly minted

U.S. and other mints melt gold and form it into bullion coin and bars. These are always brand new and not considered used gold that is on the secondary market. New purified to .9999 bullion quality gold is shiny and scratch free. Used gold is often pitted or slightly stained from various reactions and the way it is handled or stored. It is all still gold and can be re minted or cleaned or kept with its history of tarnish.

Now in 2022, new technology has allowed gold to be inserted safely and securely into durable paper thin notes that can be carried in a wallet and used for every day purchases! Please go to the Buy Goldbacks Now page and select the size of Goldback stack you want to purchase and have sent directly to your mailbox or vault.

Just in case you were wondering, the answer is yes!, Goldbacks can be first burned and then melted down in a crucible where the exact weight of gold posted on the note will remain.

In the end .999 gold is still .999 fine gold!

Great For Freedom!

When the paper money loses its value during war or such as recently in Venezuela where a wheelbarrow full might buy a loaf of bread, gold holds it’s value. So grow your own food, store 3 years of firewood, supplies and water. And keep as much gold and silver as you can on hand for purchasing and trading to neighbors so you will be able to get the things you may still need. A quality lighter or even a dollar store or Bic lighter might be worth a gram of gold to you when that time comes. Self sufficiency is freedom. Liquid fuel is freedom. The unabridged dictionary is freedom. God is superior to government, and Gold is freedom!




PERFECTLY SENT can help your business thrive. Sure you will need some cash to pay your standard bills, but once you are profitable there is no reason to store monetary value in flammable paper or mere digits on a green screen. PayGoldNow ships fast to the address of your choice, signature required upon request, and of the highest quality! Sure there are some premium fees involved but the value and knowledge you and your children will inherit is priceless.

LATEST NEWS is now selling stacks of Goldbacks via creditcard at the following page link.

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