Buy Legal Tender 24 karat Gold American Buffalo and 22 karat American Eagle Coins as well as American Eagle Silver Dollar Coins Now with Full Service Vaulting Option.

Vaulted Gold Dollars purchasable at as little as 1/50th of a $50 troy ounce coin.

Full gold and silver coins are securely vaulted in Utah, or delivered direct to you. Both legal tender gold and silver dollars can be purchased at competitive rates.

Earn up to 3.5% on vaulted goldbacks ‘leased back’ for a year or more.

Ability to request deposit purchased goldbacks directly to your free vault space.

Ability to transfer funds between members instantly at no charge.

Optional member Visa card is regularly pre-loadable from your vault holdings.

Enjoy a zero % Buy/Sell Spread!

Sell up to $10,000 of gold, silver or goldbacks per month with zero premium spreads. Buy and sell real gold like it’s a free market no fee day-trade, and without all the capital gains tax tax since it is genuine U.S. legal tender!

Audited quarterly and fully Insured. 

To sign up and view exact daily U.S. legal tender gold coin pricing now,

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 You will then enter the full legal tender act of 2011 inspired non profit Precious Metals informational website with U.S. office telephone access to the vault’s on site sales associates for absolute confidence.
Online, phone, or in person Utah office purchase, sales, delivery and pickup options.

Spendable, collectable, tradeable, vaultable, cardable, leaseable, transferable, liquidatable and historically valuable.